Along our journey with Mobily, we have managed to present a full fledge entertainment portal that provides multiple access channels for different content services including:

  • Service Delivery Platform: integrating with Mobily SDP, delivering all types of mobile content to the end user and provide plenty of supporting tools allow content searching, user agent detection, billing integration, reporting, subscription management, users’ profiles, and many others.
  • Multimedia Pregnancy test results: This system integrated a hospital sonar system with operator messaging system to deliver the baby photos directly to the mother phone after her doctor visit.
  • Managing Mobily Developers Community: targeting Mobile Applications Developer to provide more distinguished services to leverage Mobile application skills.
  • Ranan Application: Within the application, users can generate multiple RBTs that will be consequently sent to the operator (Mobily) for being used. The solution has been fully innovated and implemented by GoodNews4ME.
  • Mobily phonebook updater: In cooperation with Mobily, we have developed a useful utility application through which users can get their phonebook updated in a couple of seconds.
  • Mobi Robot Games: With the innovation of Mobily first Robot, GDS has been the first to present valuable games such as: Mobi Around the World.