GoodNews4ME is backed with GoodNews Group (since 1987), a media company, specialized in creating and producing award winning films, TV shows, retail outlets management, and movie theaters.

The company has also years of experience in marketing and advertising local, regional and global campaigns that build winning brands.

Our unique structure guarantees unique results, not to mention MBC cooperation which has resulted in developing a group of entertaining games and mobile applications all while maintaining MBC corporate identity.


  • GoodNews4ME has previously developed “Bab Al Hara” distinguished game based on famous Ramadan same titled TV drama. The game has achieved more than 150,000 downloads just in Ramadan. It was the first 3D Arabic shooting game.
  • Serial of Cubee games has been also developed making use of the channel iconic character, including but not limited to: The Diving Cubee, Cubee the Runner, etc.
  • GoodNews4ME has created a group of high quality web games for both sexes. The games varied between adventure and dressing games and achieved millions of views.
  • A galaxy of fine applications have been also developed across platforms such as: Arab Idol, Arab Got Talent, Al Arabia, MBC FM, etc.