Wide Reach

- Branch offices in the Middle East are being added to reach a wide coverage to GCC, together with the head office in Egypt that service the North Africa region.
- Direct connection with top mobile operators.
- Connection with top VAS providers all over the MENA region.
- Business partnership with top media and production houses.

Expertise and Successful Business Cases

- Carefully chosen for their technical skills talent and business experience, GoodNews4ME staff offer a compelling advantage for customers who are looking for a convenient single point of contact to address all their complex needs.
- Multi project operations and management with mobile operators.
- Significant role in initiating projects, designing products and services and distinct support in marketing.

Winning Innovator

- We continuously invest in innovation and always look with a proactive approach.
- We know that your needs may keep on changing along with complex technology requirements. Hence, innovation and R&D are a key criteria in all our products, solutions and services offerings. We make you fully prepared for tomorrow's call.

In-House Software Repository

- Web Portal Development.
- Service Delivery Platforms.
- Interactive Service Development.
- User generated content and white label applications.
- Games Development (Mobile/ Flash/ JAVA/Smat devices).