GoodNews4ME gladly announces its strategic partnership with Lavastorm Analytics, a global analytics software company, providing customers in the region the ability to expand their use of unstructured and semi-structured data sources.

The Lavastorm Analytics Platform was designed for enterprises seeking an analytic advantage. It is an agile data management and analytics platform that empowers business professionals and analysts with the fastest, most accurate way to discover and transform insights into business improvements. All while providing IT with control over data governance.

The Lavastorm Analytics Platform includes the following software products:

Lavastorm Analytic Engine: A visual data discovery solution that allows you to rapidly integrate diverse data, easily discover elusive insights, and continuously detect anomalies, outliers, or patterns.

Lavastorm Resolution Center: An alarming, reporting, and case management environment that allows you to capture the value of analytic insights by transforming insights into long-lasting business improvements.

GoodNews4ME and Lavastorm will support this long term- partnership through co-selling and joint marketing programs starting immediately.