Most of the market mobile applications are created to keep the user’s attention focused on the mobile device. On the contrary, the grace of Shaarawi mobile application is that it is optimally used to support the user’s spiritual interactions besides offering meditative and interpretive approaches.

With the increasing number of smartphones users, comes up the need for providing useful apps making use of the world latest technologies.

Shaarawi mobile application embraces a fine collection of Shaarawi’s precious content including but not limited to: Quran interpretation, thoughts, quotes, prayers, wallpapers, etc.

The content comes in video and audio formats and could be shared on different social media channels.


Full design, creation and build of the application content and system installation.

Used Technologies

  • Video and audio player
  • Social media integration
  • Set wallpaper

Achieved Benefits

  • Segmented– providing unique segmented content for the benefit of the application end users.
  • Mobile faith – the application gracefully enables users practicing faith through their mobile anywhere and anytime.
  • Branded – presenting a branded application encourages users to download and share the benefit among their extended networks.
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