We pride ourselves in ensuring our people are passionate about bringing the latest technologies on board. We do believe that training and personal development are core tenets of our culture.

“NFC Medic” was one of our fruitful technological outputs. The application was developed for Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS), making use of the latest NFC technology.

The application lets users store medical information and contact details that can be retrieved in an emergency with a tap of an NFC phone.

Once the user has downloaded the NFC Medic app and stored their information, it is then connected to a contactless card, bracelet or keyring to give paramedics and doctors easy access to the patient’s profile.

The technology is implemented through NFC chip that holds medical records which could be made available for first responders, or doctors.

With one touch to an NFC reader device the medical record will be transferred and made available. NFC readers are now available in most NFC Smartphones including BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, etc.

Application Functions and Features:

  • Implementing the NFC technology.
  • History log.
  • User registration.
  • High security methods.
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